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There are so many beautiful, and very affordable, homes to choose from in the various regions of Florida. The Sunshine State is a year-round destination for visitors from all around the globe. In fact, it's the World's #1 holiday destination!

From the excitement of the Attractions area, close to Disney World and all the Orlando Theme Parks, to a tranqil setting close to warm, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. What a great place to own a holiday home - but where do you start?


Well, it's easier than you think. We know - we did it 12 years ago and we have now helped LOTS of other British couples to realise their own Florida Dream!

Back in 1989 we did it for ourselves - there was nobody else for us turn to! But now we can give YOU benefit of our 12 years experience and knowledge of the Florida property market to make sure that YOU to make the WISE DECISION!


The three most importants things about buying a holiday home in Florida are NOT just "location, location and location"! They are WHAT you buy, WHERE you buy it and WHO you buy it through!

Don't be persuaded by some fast-talking sales person, that you really should buy a mini-mansion in the middle of nowhere at a price much higher than you ever intended to pay, just because (they say) you will be 'guaranteed' to make a whole bundle of dollars profit. YOU WON'T! It just doesn't work out that way!



You must buy a holiday home which is what YOU need for your own family use, where you will like to spend your holiday time in the state of Florida and buy it through a reliable, responsible Licensed Florida Realtor who you can trust to work on YOUR behalf - to get you the very best property for your requirements.



At FLORIDA BRITS REALTY we prefer to take that honest approach. We represent a network of Licensed Florida Realtors from Central Florida across to the coast north of Tampa and down as far as Naples in the south including the Sarasota area in between.

Our Realtor associates are all hand-picked by us for their reliability, their responsibility and their honesty in dealing with our international buyers. They will all act in YOUR best interests - not the builders or the sellers - and they will work on your behalf to get you the best deal in whatever size or type of property you are seeking.


They will guide you around the latest developments to see all the model homes and discuss with you standards of contruction and specification, location and facilities, zoning issues (if you want to rent) and the implications of any Homeowners Association Deeds and Restrictions. Next they will introduce you to suitable sources of finance if you will need a US mortgage, management and rental facilities, furnishings suppliers etc. etc. They will, if you wish, acquaint you with any re-sale property opportunities which may also be on the market.

They are there to work for you AT NO COST TO YOU - not one penny (sorry - cent)! Our Realtors obtain their commissions from the builder or seller though they may also save you thousands of dollars! Our Realtors will also guide you through the 'closing' (completion) process and will be 'by your side' every step of the way to the point at which the home becomes your own Florida Dream - and beyond. Many of our buyers become 'personal friends' with their Realtors!

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